Sharing Saturday Eight

Another Saturday is here and that means it’s Sharing Saturday.  Today I will be sharing a paragraph from my novel The Spanish that Took my Heart and you can find more of this story on my previous post Sharing Saturday Four.  Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Enjoy!

He reached into his pocket and held an object up to the light.  A beautiful sextant!  Its polished compass and circles shimmered in the dimness.  Tiny designs etched into the gold undulated the true soul of the sea.  Precious stones were sprinkled throughout the design. Then I saw it!  The proof I needed.  A tiny, fabled sea dragon that existed in the legends of old and was the secret symbol for Her Majesty, Elizabeth the First.  The dragon was so lifelike it leaped out of the water dressed in a rainbow suit of beautiful greens and blues.  I reached out and traced the imagery.  The detail was magnificent.  I glanced at Crevell for I had seen this only once before, hanging around the neck of the long dead Captain De Linem when I was but a young girl of ten.

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