Why I can’t do TBRs

Looking around at other blogs and posts I realize that many of you post your TBRs. I have never done one because I can’t commit to the books I put on my TBRS. In fact, I usually only ever end up reading one of the books on the list. This is mostly due to my tendency to pick a book based on what I feel like at that moment. Do I want action, romance, or fantasy? After attempting to make TBRs several times I realized that for me personally, it is a waste of time. I never refer back to it and I never actively use it.

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It also doesn’t help that I am constantly cycling through books for I tend to go to my library and grab thirty books. Over the course of the next month or two, I finish those up while putting more on hold. I usually end up with over fifty library books on my bookshelf. This doesn’t help my attempts at making TBRs for how can I possibly choose which books I want to read within the next month especially if I’ve never heard of the books I pick up? So, I just don’t make TBRs anymore.

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When asked what I plan on reading I say. ” No, don’t ask me that because I don’t know.” Maybe sometime in the future, I will try it again but not for a while. When I try again I’ll let you all know.

How do you choose your TBRs and do they work for you? Let me know in the comments below.


19 thoughts on “Why I can’t do TBRs”

  1. I guess it depends on what you mean as TBR. I can usually plan out what I’m reading for the week. Sometimes that changes because I’m a mood reader but since I’ve been blogging I’ve tried to at least plan a little ahead. So there’s the immediate TBR.

    Then there is Mt. TBR. This is all the books I’ve accumulated that I want to read but haven’t gotten to yet. This list is shamefully long. I don’t even know where to begin with it.

    Then I have my goodreads Want to Read shelf. I don’t have all of those and use it as a reminder of things to look for next time I’m buying books for Mt. TBR. I guess that is a TBR as well, in a way.

    I like knowing what books I have in my pile but I can’t plan too far ahead and I’m constantly adding to the pile so…. ? ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I don’t stick to my TBR, to be honest. I read based on what I’m in the mood for. For some reason, I’m feeling the urge to read some YA contemporaries. So atm, I don’t think I can read fantasy or even sci-fi. Sometimes I get back to the books I DNF’d. Recently, I just read “Jellicoe Road” and it was a book I had DNF’d in the past. However, I actually enjoyed reading that novel this time and it got me out of my book slump. It really made me think about the books I DNF’d in the past. ๐Ÿ™Š

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    1. I pick up books based on my mood too. As for my DNF books, I usually don’t pick them up again. A part of that may be the fact that I have only not finished twenty or fewer books in the past ten years. I refuse to put a book down no matter how horrible it is.


  3. I’m the same way.
    While I could commit to a TBR list if I was paid to read/ review books, I cannot bring myself to do so just for the sake of having a TBR. It’s all about creativity to me, so I choose what I feel in the moment. Unless I have a break and someone suggests something.

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  4. Reading for me is a relaxation move. As an author, I want to release the characters racing around in my head and let them figure out their next moves while I grab a glass of wine, a good book and put my feet up. My TBR list doesn’t exist. I pick the first thing I’ve picked up on Amazon and read for first impressions. If I’m still reading ten to twenty pages in, I’ve got my next book and commit to finishing the story. Getting lost between the pages provides me with some much-needed downtime. โค

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  5. I don’t like being ‘boxed in.’ Same when writing poetry. I prefer spontaneity. I have two piles of books awaiting attention and lists of others, but no sweat…Until…a ‘booky friend’ says: ‘You really must read so and so next. You’ll love it.’ Oh time, our eternal teaser.

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  6. I don’t have a to be read list, as I have a to be read stack instead. Books given to me as gifts, or bought because of compulsion or impulse over the years. I’m not sure if I will ever read any of them, but it makes me feel good to know they are there.
    Thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  7. I don’t have a TBR list. I don’t read many books except those written by fellow bloggers. I think it is a matter of setting priorities. Thank you for following BrewNSpew.

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  8. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. And, good for you to stand up and say, “I will not conform!” Actually, the only reading I’ve been doing is on photography. Mostly tutorials or the occasional article on, “Help me, I don’t know what button I pushed to have my camera do this!” I do have a “going to” book in the car that I read when I’m waiting for someone.

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  9. No TBRS’s for me. In fact, I didn’t even know what that was until I read a bit further into your post. I love reading. Read lots. Sometimes more than one at a time. But no planned approach…. thanks for the follow. Happy reading , with or without TBR’s ๐Ÿ™‚

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