Sharing Saturday Twenty-Nine

download (2)Saturday is here! Today I will share with you some drawings for I recently started a competition with my cousin to do one drawing every day and we can’t miss a single day or we owe the other five dollars. We did something like this last summer by having a competition on who could read the most pages. It was slightly unclear as to who the winner was because we were so close and some inaccuracy occurred on both our parts so we called it a draw but unofficially I won.

This summer my cousin has lost once and we are on our second round of drawings. We also both skipped a day and agreed to pretend that it had never occurred. However, it is wonderful to draw every day for it is relaxing and I can see improvement in my drawing skills. I am not a fantastic artist but I have been giving this a shot and it is stunning for I feel like I am learning a lot about art techniques.

It is also cool to compare my drawings from a month ago to today and see how I have improved and which days I was lazy on and had quickly scribbled out a sketch. Some days I spent hours on my drawing and you can tell and on other days I did not. So, let me show you some of the drawings I have done. I will show you two drawings I am proud of and one horrible one. The first and third drawings are good and the middle one I did in five minutes or less.


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