Reorganizing my Bookshelf

20180729_195428A couple of days ago I reorganized my bookshelf.  I love doing this occasionally just so my bookshelf can have a new look.  This time I organized my bookshelf based upon the dates they were published.  I liked the idea but looking at my bookshelf I realize that my books are a little haphazardly placed.  I am not sure I like the look but it was worth it because I enjoyed finding out when all of my books were published.  It was also interesting to see how far apart series are.

Before this reorganization, I had my books placed based upon if I had read them or not and if so how much I liked them.  It was easy for me to find my favorites.  I was bored and wanted something new so I changed my bookshelf organization to what it is now.

20180729_195603I may soon be reorganizing it though for I do not find the current organization system to be the most efficient.  So, I decided to leave it up to my readers to decide what system I should try next.  Please vote on the form below.  I would love your input on how I should next organize my bookshelf.


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