Sharing Saturday Thirteen

It’s the thirteenth Sharing Saturday and today I will be sharing a poem that is a part of a novel I wrote.  This novel which has no name is the only one that ever went beyond fifty-pages.  The poem is called Himori and tells of an evil Dragon.

Al Del La

Over the mountains

Dwells a beast of evil intentions

Who stalks in the night

To devour every soul


His fire burns

Deep within the dells

He hoards his stash

Those who dare steal

Their pain may never end


Al Del La

Himori is his name

Quiver in fear from that word

Or your doom will soon come


Over the mountains

Dwells a beast

Of evil intentions

Who stalks in the night

To devour every soul

Al Del La

Al Del La

Sharing Saturday Twelve

It’s another week that brings another Sharing Saturday.  Today I will sharing a paragraph from an essay I wrote called Why I Have an Idée Fixe with Writing.  It’s about my journey through writing and what it means to me.

 Writing is more than an action or thought.  It is a process of pouring out one’s soul onto the stark white pages that are soon filled with black letters marching across the page.  It is an escape; a way to see and do things differently.  Once a doorway is opened to welcome writing there is no way to ever go back.  I found that out when my mom opened a wooden door for me and introduced a world from which I would never leave.  That world bloomed into an infatuation.  A dream.  A possibility.  A reality.  That seed that was planted so long ago is now a pine tree that continues to grow infinitesimally every day.

Sharing Saturday Eleven

It’s Sharing Saturday Eleven. Eleven is my favorite number so in honor of that I will be sharing a delicious recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls. Oh, they are wonderful and every time I make them they are gone within twenty four hours. Make them yourself. You will become addicted like I am.


A cup of powdered sugar

Three tablespoons of butter

Half a cup of Peanut Butter

Baking chocolate

Mix the butter, powdered sugar, and peanut butter together. After mixing, form them into tablespoon sized balls. Let them sit for twenty minutes then dip them into the melted baking chocolate. Add sprinkles if you want to. Wait for them to harden then enjoy. You won’t regret it.


Sharing Saturday Ten

I can’t believe it. It’s the tenth Sharing Saturday.  The weeks have flown by.  I feel like it was only yesterday that I started this post.  I am so excited to continue it.  My first Sharing Saturday can be found Here.  The ninth can be found Here.  Today I am sharing a story regarding a school bully named Zach whose intent is to make the main character’s life miserable.

However, I was their main target.  I was the kid who had humiliated Zach not once, not twice, but three times.  Two had been an accident but one; I still regretted it even if he did deserve it.  For these humiliations Zach was intent upon making my life a living death.  I was constantly late to class because of him but then my teachers didn’t really care what was going on and marked everybody as tardy or absent because they felt like it.  There were no repercussions for this however because our school didn’t care if you only attended one class the entire year as long as this was not reported to any government officials.

Sharing Saturday Nine

It is the ninth Sharing Saturday and today I will share a poem.  It is called Allure.  More of my poems can be seen in previous Sharing Saturdays.

They beckon

But I feel leaden

Unprepared for their pull

Too full

They call

I don’t resist

Sharing Saturday Eight

Another Saturday is here and that means it’s Sharing Saturday.  Today I will be sharing a paragraph from my novel The Spanish that Took my Heart and you can find more of this story on my previous post Sharing Saturday Four.  Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Enjoy!

He reached into his pocket and held an object up to the light.  A beautiful sextant!  Its polished compass and circles shimmered in the dimness.  Tiny designs etched into the gold undulated the true soul of the sea.  Precious stones were sprinkled throughout the design. Then I saw it!  The proof I needed.  A tiny, fabled sea dragon that existed in the legends of old and was the secret symbol for Her Majesty, Elizabeth the First.  The dragon was so lifelike it leaped out of the water dressed in a rainbow suit of beautiful greens and blues.  I reached out and traced the imagery.  The detail was magnificent.  I glanced at Crevell for I had seen this only once before, hanging around the neck of the long dead Captain De Linem when I was but a young girl of ten.

Sharing Saturday Seven

It’s another week and another Sharing Saturday.  Today I will be sharing an informative part of an article on methane that I wrote.  It’s not what I normally share but research articles can be just as interesting as stories.  Without further ado….

Methane or CH4 is one of the most plentiful organic compounds in the world.  Made of one carbon molecule and four hydrogen molecules, methane is odorless, colorless, and tasteless.  It’s a natural substance that is produced over time through biological routes, technological processes, and other synthetic means.  Once methane is released into the atmosphere it will last for nine to fifteen years before breaking down completely.

Methane is a potent gas that is released all over the world, from coal mines, sewage treatment plants, landfills, and even natural habitats such as swamps, rivers and volcanoes. About  0.00017% of the atmosphere is made up of methane gas.

Sharing Saturday Six

I’m back with another Sharing Saturday.  Today, I will be sharing a small excerpt from a mostly sarcastic story featuring a man who can’t escape his demons.

He came home everyday at exactly five fifteen pm. Five minutes later he would heat up his tasteless turkey that he kept in the freezer for years on end, then he sat down and stared at he wall while he ate until six. After that he went up to his room and began to count his store of cash for George did not believe in a thing called banks. He believed that they would take his money and he would never have enough to pay off his debt. This debt was according to George owed to a monstrosity called Mecebos who was a demon supposedly sent to torment him. Mecebos was probably only a figment of a mind unhinged but then again who knows what lurks in the realm of possibility.

Sharing Saturday Five

Once again I am back with a Sharing Saturday which I started four weeks ago.  Today I will be sharing the first paragraph from a short story called Timelessness Itself.

It was a cold and dark night.  A storm rumbled, pouring out its tears for all to see.  A woman stumbled around, searching for her car.  She slipped and fell, landing hard, crying out in pain.  That’s when she saw it: a single, blood-red book shone against the dark pavement.  An instant later there was a scream that shattered the night.  Then silence–except for the incessant patter of drops.  The book slowly dissolved.


Sharing Saturday Four

The holidays are practically on top of us, so in celebration I will be sharing the first two pages of a novel I recently started.  I am currently calling it The Spanish that Took my Heart.  Enjoy and Happy Holidays to all!!

Chapter One

I couldn’t breath.  My corset was yanked so tight that it was strangling.  It didn’t help that I was surrounded by people.  People in all of their finery and covered in layers of perfume, jewels, makeup, and cloth of every color and design.  I didn’t want to go to this abhorrence called a ball.  I wanted to be at our mansion with the sound of the sea filling my ears and the wind lifting my hair from my shoulders and whisking it into knots.  No corsets.  No encasing dresses.  

Since I was a child I had always loved the sea.  The lapping waves gently rolling onto my feet and in between my toes soothed my restless soul.  When I was younger my father had let me run free–too caught up in grief over my mother’s death.  Every time I asked about my mother he would not tell me a single thing about her.  All I remembered of her was glimpses of her bright brown hair and her blue as the sea eyes which I could see in my own face.  My hair was nothing like hers.  I had inherited my father’s unusual, almost white blonde hair.  I remembered nothing else of her except that she was tall much like myself.  I was taller than most men my father included.

I slipped through the crowd, eager for air, an empty space where I could breath.  I stumbled out of the masses and opened the first handle I found.  It was a library and no one was currently occupying the space.  I sighed and began to relax a little, taking in my surroundings.  The space was cavernous and filled from floor to ceiling with books.  There were comfortable looking sofas which seemed unused and were a dull and hideous color.  I kicked off my shoes and dug my feet into the soft bear’s fur rug could almost be mistaken for sand.   Suddenly a viselike grip held my arm.  Instinctively, I twisted, ducked and placed whoever had gripped me in a chokehold.

“Can you let go, Milady,” a mild voice said.  I complied, recognizing the insolent voice instantly.  

“Crevell,” I hissed.  “You should not of sneaked up on me.  It’s rude.”

“You should not react like that.  Can you hold yourself together, please.”  

I shook my head and stalked towards the closest divan.  “Why are you here?” I said, flopping down into the weepy pillows of the divan.

“I followed you for who could resist such a beauty.” he said.

I gasped and stood.  “How dare you.”

“I am daring to do nothing,” he said.  

I turned and took a deep breath.  I could not let him get to me.  “Leave. Please,” I said.

“But if I complied, then you might never hear the message I have for you.  Oh well. Pity.”  He turned to leave, and I grabbed him.

“Ah, look now who is grabbing who,” he said, peering into my eyes with a challenge.  

I let him go, crossing my arms. “What is the message,” I said as nonchalant as I could despite the rising of my stomach.

“Oh, so you don’t want me to leave, my fair one.”  

An eyebrow of his raised and my lip curled.  An urge to slap him arose.

“Just tell me the message,” I said through gritted teeth.