Shadowcry by Jenna Burtenshaw

x500.jpg (428×648)In a world where fear of Wardens tearing apart towns for a war abound, special people called the skilled can cross the veil between the world of the living and the dead.   They are hunted and feared.

When Kate Winters accidentally raises a blackbird from the dead she realizes that she is skilled.  Immediately, she becomes the most hunted person in Albion for she is the only one that can unlock the secrets of an ancient tome, Wintercraft, which holds knowledge and power about the veil beyond anyone’s imagining.  She is captured and taken to the ancient graveyard city of Fume where her parents were killed ten years ago.  To harness her powers and escape she must make a deal with one of the most feared killers in Albion.  But, can she live up to that deal without dying before she has a chance to fulfill it?

This book was unique.  I loved the storyline and the take it had on life and death.  The characters were also intriguing especially Silas Dane who is a collector.  He is not fully dead nor fully alive and it was interesting to read about his struggles and how he hid them beneath his formidable veneer.  I liked how the author portrayed him as a fighter with sheltered hurts that plagued him.  I did not find Silas understandable at the beginning of the book and I hated him.  However, as the chapters went on he became my favorite character.  Overall, his character was excellently rendered.

The main character, Kate was fun to read about but her character could of been developed further.  Kate grew in her understanding of the veil but emotionally I felt that the growth could have been improved.  I still liked her character and the book was stunning as a whole.  I would recommend it especially to those who want a unique and darkly emotional book.




























Sharing Saturday Twelve

It’s another week that brings another Sharing Saturday.  Today I will sharing a paragraph from an essay I wrote called Why I Have an Idée Fixe with Writing.  It’s about my journey through writing and what it means to me.

 Writing is more than an action or thought.  It is a process of pouring out one’s soul onto the stark white pages that are soon filled with black letters marching across the page.  It is an escape; a way to see and do things differently.  Once a doorway is opened to welcome writing there is no way to ever go back.  I found that out when my mom opened a wooden door for me and introduced a world from which I would never leave.  That world bloomed into an infatuation.  A dream.  A possibility.  A reality.  That seed that was planted so long ago is now a pine tree that continues to grow infinitesimally every day.

Anti-Valentines Book Tag

It’s almost Valentines day so I decided to create a book tag to go with it. This tag is Anti-Valentines because I am not the biggest fan of Valentines day.   However, we might as well celebrate in some small way with a book tag.  Without further ado…

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A Book Where there is no Love Interest

The Shakespeare Stealer by Gary Blackwood has no love interest.  This book has absolutely no perfect female character to fall in love with.515Zj8ugaRL._SX309_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg (311×499)

A Book Where Romance is an afterthought

Shadowcry by Jenna Burtenshaw has no kissing and no concrete mention of falling for the either of the two main guy characters.

515v75GOxRL.jpg (330×500)

An Overly Cheesy Romance Book

Breathe, Annie, Breathe by Miranda Kenneally is an easy and predictable romance read.

512ryNPaM2L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg (333×499)

A Book Where a Character marries for Convenience not Love

A Curse Dark as Gold by Elizabeth C. Bunce has the main character marrying because the man she marries loves her and makes her feel safe even if she has little to no feelings for him.

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A Book with Rose/Roses on the Cover

Passion by Lauren Kate has the main character holding a rose on the cover.

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Ransom My Heart by Meg Cabot

2862984128_12214a0978Finunula, a maiden who flaunts the rules of society, needs money for sister’s dowry.  So, she does what most young women do when they need money she kidnaps a man to hold for ransom.  Hugo Fitzstephen, Earl of Stephensgate, is returning from the crusades loaded down with jewels and gold.  It should be easy to hold the man captive but Finnula makes a terrible mistake by falling for her hostage, only to realize that he’s been lying about his identity all along…. But then, so has she.  Now their lives and the lives of everyone they know and love could be in danger.

This book was wonderful.  The main character was fiery and not afraid to state her opinion while dressing like a man and gallivanting about.  Hugo, the man she kidnaps was boorish at times but by the end of the book I adored his character.  The book did take a little time to get into the plot of of the story but I was entertained by Finnula and Hugo’s constant bickering.

I especially enjoyed how the author used both Finnula and Hugo’s perspective so that we could get both sides of the story.  I think it helped move the story along while portraying each character’s view on the other.  It was compelling to read how each character rendered themselves and compare it to the other character’s view.  Overall, how it was told made the story more intriguing.  I would highly recommend this book especially to people who enjoy medieval romances or are looking for a quick and somewhat cheesy story.




Sharing Saturday Eleven

It’s Sharing Saturday Eleven. Eleven is my favorite number so in honor of that I will be sharing a delicious recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls. Oh, they are wonderful and every time I make them they are gone within twenty four hours. Make them yourself. You will become addicted like I am.


A cup of powdered sugar

Three tablespoons of butter

Half a cup of Peanut Butter

Baking chocolate

Mix the butter, powdered sugar, and peanut butter together. After mixing, form them into tablespoon sized balls. Let them sit for twenty minutes then dip them into the melted baking chocolate. Add sprinkles if you want to. Wait for them to harden then enjoy. You won’t regret it.



Sharing Saturday Ten

I can’t believe it. It’s the tenth Sharing Saturday.  The weeks have flown by.  I feel like it was only yesterday that I started this post.  I am so excited to continue it.  My first Sharing Saturday can be found Here.  The ninth can be found Here.  Today I am sharing a story regarding a school bully named Zach whose intent is to make the main character’s life miserable.

However, I was their main target.  I was the kid who had humiliated Zach not once, not twice, but three times.  Two had been an accident but one; I still regretted it even if he did deserve it.  For these humiliations Zach was intent upon making my life a living death.  I was constantly late to class because of him but then my teachers didn’t really care what was going on and marked everybody as tardy or absent because they felt like it.  There were no repercussions for this however because our school didn’t care if you only attended one class the entire year as long as this was not reported to any government officials.


Author Highlights Two

This is the second Author Highlights which I started recently an will only do once or twice a month. Our first one was about Melanie Dickerson and her Romance books which can be found Here. Now this time we have……Drum roll……..

Anne Blankman

z0Cpu1y5.jpg (271×271)

Anne Blankman is the author of Prisoner of Night and Fog, Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke, and Traitor Angels.

I have read all three of her books and adored them. They are wonderful. Each of her characters are lovable and have secrets that I itched to uncover. Anne wonderfully portrayed the world surrounding the characters and by the end of each book I felt that I had a better understanding of the times in which the characters lived.

The Prisoner of Night and Fog and the Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke are a series entailing the life of the beloved fictional character of Gretchen, Adolf Hitler’s niece. She leads a the sheltered life as the pet of a rising politician until one day she meets a Jewish reporter, Daniel who is intent on telling her a story that disagrees with everything she has been taught. As she sets out on a journey to find the truth she begins to feel an attraction for Daniel and question the beliefs and ideals that she has been taught as the Nazi darling.

Prisoner+of+Night+and+Fog_US.jpg (300×447)1454458639438 (300×446)


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Traitor Angels is the story of Elizabeth Milton, daughter to the notorious poet John Milton. By day Elizabeth transcribes her father’s latest masterpiece, Paradise Lost and by night she trains in sword fighting. When soldiers arrive to arrest her father Elizabeth sets out on a mission to save him. With the help of Antonio Viviani who is a young Italian scientist. Soon the two discover that there is a secret hidden within Paradise Lost’s lines that the king and his supporters are desperate to keep hidden. Can they uncover the truth and save Elizabeth’s father before all is lost?

1445803276798 (1000×1508)

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