Sharing Saturday Twenty-Three

Saturday is here.  My life is hectic and I have had very little time to post which is annoying.  But today is another Sharing Saturday.  I will be sharing the introduction to an essay I wrote regarding the issue of gun control.  I focused only on one aspect of gun control since it is such a broad topic.  My attention was placed on the complete banning of guns.  Let’s get started.

Gun control is an issue that has been debated across the country since the founding of this nation.   Recently, due to the Parkland School shooting in Florida, talk of gun control is taking the nation by storm.  Many solutions have been proposed, and a strongly argued panacea is the complete banning of guns. This resolution is questionable due to the fact that guns are the basis of American ideals and freedoms.  Hunters use firearms to keep the population of woodland creatures under control and the ecosystem healthy. They are used for protection against robbers, looters, and shooters. Furthermore, it has been proven throughout the hallowed halls of history that banning guns makes it easier for tyrants to reign.  Hitler, Stalin, and the Prohibition are just a few examples of what happens when something is banned that is necessary to the comfort or maintenance of a free nation. However, for some nations, it is possible to almost completely ban guns, but different solutions are needed for dissimilar nations. In the case of the United States of America, the banning of guns will cause great harm to the country and is not the solution to gun control.

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