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The second Sharing Saturday of the year has arrived and I am excited to share with you some of my writings.  I recently wrote a ten-page essay on Jack the Ripper, a serial killer whose identity has never been discovered.  This chapter of history has fascinated me since I read Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco and I have researched and written a lot about it.  So, today I will be sharing with you but a short paragraph about this famous killer.  Enjoy!

The Ripper’s crimes took place in London during the nineteenth century when technological advancement and new ideas began to flourish.  However, this also brought about a boom in migration and London became an overcrowded, dirty, and desperate place as poor immigrants fought for any way to support their families.  Chaos ensued, crimes spread like wildfire; robbery, theft, violence, vandalism and even murder were commonplace as people struggled to feed themselves and their families. Soon London became a haven for criminals and one of the worst parts of London was the East End.  From the depths of this place arose one of the most well-known serial killers ever: Jack the Ripper.


Book Review: A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Clueless

Book Review: A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Clueless

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A Shadow Bright and Burning tells the story of a girl, Henrietta who holds a power that could get her killed.  When she is discovered, protecting her friend she is taken to London for she is the prophesied chosen one who will defeat the Ancients who were called into existence years ago and are now ravaging England.  There she meets her fellow sorcerer trainees who will test her power and her heart.  One will challenge her.  One will fight for her.  One will betray her.

But she is not the chosen one.

As Henrietta lives a lie she delves into the secrets hidden within her and those she has trusted.  As battle looms she struggles to find the risks she will take for the city and the ones she loves.

Oh my gosh this book was amazing.  I fled through this book eagerly awaiting every twist and turn that A Shadow Bright and Burning presented to me.  The main character was so intriguing and I loved how the author portrayed her and her growth.  I adored how I spent the entire time wondering who the real love interest was because their was some tension between Henrietta, the main character, and three other guys each with very separate personalities.  For those who have read the book, I was and still am rooting for Blackwood because I like his mysterious and serious character.

Image result for noooooo the world is ending gifI cannot wait to put the next books in the series on hold!  I just looked them up and read the synopses and there is a real chosen one called Maria! What?  And Henrietta had plans to marry Blackwood!! The plot thickens.  I want them now!  No, the third book doesn’t come out until October!  I’m going to cry.


Book Review: Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

Book Review: Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

Audrey Rose Wadsworth is born into a life of privilege.  But she is unique from other young ladies for instead of spending time at parties with friends she spends time learning the art of forensic medicine.  Her uncle is a forensic scientist and Audrey Rose secretly apprentices with him.  When savagely murdered corpses are found throughout London Audrey Rose is on the case with the help of a young man by the name of Cresswell, but this only brings her closer to her sheltered life.

This book was AMAZING.  I loved the characters and plot.  You never knew what was going to happen next.  This book kept me on the edge of my seat for hours.

Audrey Rose was such a unique character and we were drawn to her by her need to be free of the restraints of society.  Cresswell was a stunning character for he was mysterious and treated Audrey Rose like a colleague.  The character development in the book was fantastic.  I adored Stalking Jack the Ripper and would recommend it for milennia.


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