November 11th, A special Day

It’s November eleventh and that means it’s two things.  It’s Veteran’s day and my birthday.

Today is the day we celebrate what men and women throughout the United States history have sacrificed so that we may have the freedom’s we have today.  In fact I wrote a couple of paragraphs commemorating freedom and what it means to me.

When I think of freedom I think of the Constitution of the United States.  In it, Americans are granted basic human rights such as the right to bear arms, the right to free speech, and the right to worship.

Freedom is when people decide to make their own laws and not be subject to a king.  Freedom allows people to live in a phenomenal world full of bravery, love, hope, and standing up for what you believe in.  Freedom is the ability to live a life to one’s liking, including where to live and what school to attend.

Freedom has a cost.  Sometimes wars are fought defending the right to freedom.  Many people past and present have died defending that freedom in wars such as the American Revolutionary War and the Civil War.  We went to war both of these times to have freedom for all people in the United States of America.  

Veterans are people who have served in the military defending their country’s freedoms.  All countries have veterans who fought for their nations’ ideas.  Often times veterans make the ultimate sacrifice:  their lives for freedom.  Veterans fight for their right and for the right of future generations to live how they want to live.  Most will remain nameless.  Most will be forgotten.  But each and every one will have made a difference and changed the world in their efforts.

With freedom comes a responsibility.  To honor the sacrifice veterans have made for our country it is our duty to protect the freedom they have so fiercely won.  We need to participate in the political system by voting.  We need to ensure laws are passed that protect the innocent.  We need to stand up for injustice when we see it.  This can be as small as standing up to a bully in school.

So what does freedom mean to me?  It means everything.

Besides being a day to celebrate veterans and all they have done it is a personal day for me.  It’s my birthday.  To commemorate it I will be sharing some personal pictures below.

I have four cats named Emerald, Tiger, Stardust, and Puma.  The top left picture is of the pumpkin I carved for this Halloween.  The main picture is of me and the bootom left is of me, my sister, and my cousin.

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