Sharing Saturday Thirty-Six

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The weeks seem to be flashing by and I feel like it was only yesterday that it was Sharing Saturday Thirty-Five.  Today I will be sharing a song that relates to the story I am currently writing that is based on Peter Pan.  I shared a short paragraph of it with you on Sharing Saturday Thirty-Four.  Below is a sweet lyric video I found of Lost Boy a song that tells the tale of a lost boy in Neverland.

Sharing Saturday Thirty-Four

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Another week has passed and another Saturday has arrived. Today I will be sharing the first paragraph of a story I started that is based on the tale of Peter Pan.  Without further ado..

I ducked as the Pewter shattered barely missing my head. I dared a glance behind me as I scuttled towards the only locking cabinet in our tiny two-room abode. My mother desperately grasped at my stepfather’s arm as he hurled a second Pewter mug at me. His face is purple with rage and he is swaying slightly as if on the sea. Finally, I reached the cabinet throwing myself inside and securely locking the door.



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