Sharing Saturday Twenty-Five

Twenty-Five weeks! I have been sharing with you for twenty-five weeks which seemed to flash by me in a blur. So, today we will do something different to celebrate. I will share with you three amazing books I got for free and how. I have read some of them and others I have not.

One: Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

Image result for stalking jack the ripperI always wanted to own this book after I read it. I loved it and was determined to buy it when I got the money. One day my cousin came up to me and pulled out a Stephen King book she had just bought. I was looking at and next thing I knew she had pulled out Stalking Jack the Ripper and handed it me, ” Saying, here I got you this.” It was not a special occasion but one of those random things somebody does for someone else. It made my day.

Two: Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

Image result for poison studyRecently I started volunteering at book sales hosted by my library. It is a fun experience where you spend a few hours organizing books and helping others buy or find the books they want. At the end all of the volunteers are allowed to pick one free book for volunteering. So, for the last book sale I participated in I picked Poison study. The cover was a little ripped but it I didn’t care for I have wanted to read the book for the longest time and yet I have still not gotten around to it.

Three: Blood Water Paint by Joy McCullough

Image result for blood water paint bookI am part of a book club through my library that provides us with advanced readers copies of books. If they are older than the past few months we are allowed to keep the books we choose. It is awesome for I have found and kept some phenomenal books through them. Recently I managed to procure Blood Water Paint which I am so excited to read.

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