A Poison Dark and Drowning by Jessica Cluess

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Henrietta is in a city full of lies and secrets. Her friend Rook is turning into a monster and as she desperately searches for a cure she must hide the truth of who she really is; a witch and definitely not the chosen one.

When she finds what could be the answer to defeating the Ancient Ones she sets out on a journey with Blackwood, and Magnus intent upon stopping the ancients once and for all.

This book was phenomenal. I was on the edge of a precipice which the book could simply push me into for I there were so many twists that I never saw coming. The main character was wonderful and it was easy to connect with her desire to heal Rook. Furthermore, the book was boring at the beginning but steadily grew more intriguing.

****Spoilers Ahead****

Close to the end, we found out that the evil Ancient was her father! I did not see that coming. And then there were two love interests and when she finally told Rook she loved him, I screamed. I screamed in horror for it is so cliche to fall in love with a best friend and Rook was never my favorite character. But I hated how Blackwood proposed. I mean honestly, we don’t even know if she truly loves him. Did she just agree to marry him because Rook was out of the picture and she’s unclean?


The Season by Sarah MacLean

Image result for the season sarah macleanLady Alexandra hates balls, gowns, and the idea of romance which doesn’t help her fit into the world of Regency London.  She is more interested in adventure than finding a suitable husband.

Between gown fittings, balls, dinner parties, and country weekends Alex and her two best friends, Ella and Vivi, manage to become entangled in a dangerous scrape.  When the Earl of Blackmoor is killed in an accident that suggests willful and evil intentions, Alex decides to help his son, the brooding and devilishly handsome Gavin, uncover the truth regarding his father.  She is wrapped up in murder, espionage, and suspicion but as she grows closer to Gavin her heart is dangerously threatened.  Romance and danger circle the high society of London as the year’s season begins.

The Season was a wonderfully light and easy read full of mystery and the pressures that women of the time faced.  The book portrayed the expectations of society that young women find a suitable match and quickly in their coming of age debut during the season.  The romance was slightly predictable but aren’t most romances?

The author kept it lively with the constant arguments and political conversations enjoyed throughout the book by the main character and the people around her.   The main character, Alex was the epitome of a rebellious strong-willed woman who is not afraid to state her opinion and conform to society’s norms and rules.

However, the first half of the book focused entirely on building Alex’s and Gavin’s relationship and we learned and heard little about the mystery regarding the death of the Earl of Blackmoor.  All we heard was that he was killed and it might not have been an accident.  In fact, we are shown what the season is like and the many love interests of Alex.  We get to know her character and the characters around her but the action does not happen until the middle of the book where the mystery is finally fully revealed and the relationship between Alex and Gavin hits its climax.

It was not boring exactly but the author could have reached the mystery quicker without building so much backstory.  If the author had not included humor, wit, intriguing characters, and the constant need to know if Alex and Gavin were a thing, the book would have been hard to get through.  Despite that I enjoyed it and would recommend it to people in need of a quick historical romance.

A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Clueless

Image result for a shadow bright and burningA Shadow Bright and Burning tells the story of a girl, Henrietta who holds a power that could get her killed.  When she is discovered, protecting her friend she is taken to London for she is the prophesied chosen one who will defeat the Ancients who were called into existence years ago and are now ravaging England.  There she meets her fellow sorcerer trainees who will test her power and her heart.  One will challenge her.  One will fight for her.  One will betray her.

But she is not the chosen one.

As Henrietta lives a lie she delves into the secrets hidden within her and those she has trusted.  As battle looms she struggles to find the risks she will take for the city and the ones she loves.

Oh my gosh this book was amazing.  I fled through this book eagerly awaiting every twist and turn that A Shadow Bright and Burning presented to me.  The main character was so intriguing and I loved how the author portrayed her and her growth.  I adored how I spent the entire time wondering who the real love interest was because their was some tension between Henrietta, the main character, and three other guys each with very separate personalities.  For those who have read the book, I was and still am rooting for Blackwood because I like his mysterious and serious character.

Image result for noooooo the world is ending gifI cannot wait to put the next books in the series on hold!  I just looked them up and read the synopses and there is a real chosen one called Maria! What?  And Henrietta had plans to marry Blackwood!! The plot thickens.  I want them now!  No, the third book doesn’t come out until October!  I’m going to cry.


Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

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The Kingdom of Winter fell sixteen years ago.  Its people were made slaves but eight escaped determined to regain their kingdom.

Meira was orphaned sixteen years ago when the Kingdom fell and now she is a refugee training to be a warrior.  Desperately in love with her best friend and future King, Meira will do anything to restore Winter to power despite the fact that she has never been there.  So, when scouts find the location of an ancient locket which can restore Winter and help its people, Meira decides to find it and prove that she can do something to benefit her kingdom.  But everything does not turn out as she imagined and soon she is caught up in a web of politics and evil magic.  On her journey, she realizes that her destiny is not, never has been, her own.


This book was amazing and unique!  The world was wonderful and intriguing because of the seasons and varying cultures.  The characters were exceptionally developed.  However, the main character got on my nerves sometimes.  At first, she seemed like a lovesick cow which was highly annoying but as her journey started she forgot about Mather, the King.  As the book continued she freaked out a little too much about the fact that Mather and Sir were pushing her destiny onto her.   Despite that the book was phenomenal and I am so excited to read the next books in the series.

Shadowcry by Jenna Burtenshaw

x500.jpg (428×648)In a world where fear of Wardens tearing apart towns for a war abound, special people called the skilled can cross the veil between the world of the living and the dead.   They are hunted and feared.

When Kate Winters accidentally raises a blackbird from the dead she realizes that she is skilled.  Immediately, she becomes the most hunted person in Albion for she is the only one that can unlock the secrets of an ancient tome, Wintercraft, which holds knowledge and power about the veil beyond anyone’s imagining.  She is captured and taken to the ancient graveyard city of Fume where her parents were killed ten years ago.  To harness her powers and escape she must make a deal with one of the most feared killers in Albion.  But, can she live up to that deal without dying before she has a chance to fulfill it?

This book was unique.  I loved the storyline and the take it had on life and death.  The characters were also intriguing especially Silas Dane who is a collector.  He is not fully dead nor fully alive and it was interesting to read about his struggles and how he hid them beneath his formidable veneer.  I liked how the author portrayed him as a fighter with sheltered hurts that plagued him.  I did not find Silas understandable at the beginning of the book and I hated him.  However, as the chapters went on he became my favorite character.  Overall, his character was excellently rendered.

The main character, Kate was fun to read about but her character could of been developed further.  Kate grew in her understanding of the veil but emotionally I felt that the growth could have been improved.  I still liked her character and the book was stunning as a whole.  I would recommend it especially to those who want a unique and darkly emotional book.



























Sharing Saturday Twelve

It’s another week that brings another Sharing Saturday.  Today I will sharing a paragraph from an essay I wrote called Why I Have an Idée Fixe with Writing.  It’s about my journey through writing and what it means to me.

 Writing is more than an action or thought.  It is a process of pouring out one’s soul onto the stark white pages that are soon filled with black letters marching across the page.  It is an escape; a way to see and do things differently.  Once a doorway is opened to welcome writing there is no way to ever go back.  I found that out when my mom opened a wooden door for me and introduced a world from which I would never leave.  That world bloomed into an infatuation.  A dream.  A possibility.  A reality.  That seed that was planted so long ago is now a pine tree that continues to grow infinitesimally every day.

Sharing Saturday Ten

I can’t believe it. It’s the tenth Sharing Saturday.  The weeks have flown by.  I feel like it was only yesterday that I started this post.  I am so excited to continue it.  My first Sharing Saturday can be found Here.  The ninth can be found Here.  Today I am sharing a story regarding a school bully named Zach whose intent is to make the main character’s life miserable.

However, I was their main target.  I was the kid who had humiliated Zach not once, not twice, but three times.  Two had been an accident but one; I still regretted it even if he did deserve it.  For these humiliations Zach was intent upon making my life a living death.  I was constantly late to class because of him but then my teachers didn’t really care what was going on and marked everybody as tardy or absent because they felt like it.  There were no repercussions for this however because our school didn’t care if you only attended one class the entire year as long as this was not reported to any government officials.