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Saturday is here!  This is one of my favorite times of the week for I love this post.  Today we are going to do something a little different.  I am going to share book trailers for some of my favorite books and my opinions on whether they represent the book well.  This is going to be so fun.  I may start doing this more often during my Sharing Saturday’s so let me know what book trailers I should do.  Let’s get started!

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton:

The imagery is good.  It is blue and sandy much as the cover suggests it should be.  The blue-eyed bandit is decently portrayed but I think less time should have been spent on what authors and journals thought about the book and more on what the book is actually about.  The music is a wonderful addition adding drama and intrigue to the trailer.  I think overall that the book trailer decently portrayed the book but it did not show the true fire and spirit of the book.

Reawakened by Colleen Houck:

I think this trailer did a much better job of portraying the book than the previous one.  We are shown the magic of the world through the disappearing words and images and the book is thoroughly explained.  However, the music was horrible.  I did not think it went very well with the book.  I did like that certain images and creatures were shown that are seen throughout the book.  Overall, I think it did an excellent job of showing us Reawakened.

The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco:

This trailer did a pretty good job of depicting the book.  The background was amazing and fully gave me a sense of the book.  However, I felt that what the book was about was not fully given.  Despite that, I love the little bit of music that was included which added drama and emotion at the perfect moments.  This trailer was suitable for the book but I think it could have been improved upon a little bit.




Author Highlights Four

Author Highlights is here!!  I only do these posts once a month and yet I have missed last month resulting in my plan to eventually post two in one month. So without further ado let us start Author Highlights Four.  The author is….

Colleen Houck

See the source image

She is the author of the of the Tiger’s Curse Series andthe Reawakened Series.

I have read the Reawakened series  except for the third  and prequel books and I have not read the Tiger’s Curse series despite the fact that I own the first book in the series.

Rewakened is the tale of a girl who accidentally stumbles upon a resurrected Egyptian Prince whose job is to save the world from Seth and the end of time.  He drags her halfway across the world to Egypt and during that time Lily goes on the adventure of her lifetime.

See my post on Reawakened Here.

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“Before I could even form a question, he murmured some words in Egyptian and we were sucked into a whirlwind.”                                    -Reawakened
ReawakenedReawakened Quote Collection 7 - This took me some time as I couldn't find the font for Ahmose and Asten's chant, and therefore I did some photoshopping and color adjusting.

The last thing Kelsey Hayes thought she’d be doing over the summer was meeting Ren, a mysterious white tiger and cursed Indian prince! When she learns she alone can break the Tiger’s curse, Kelsey’s life is turned upside-down. The unlikely duo journeys halfway around the world to piece together an Indian prophecy, find a way to free the man trapped by a centuries-old spell, and discover the path to their true destiny.

Image result for tiger's curse colleen houck Image result for tiger's curse colleen houckImage result for tiger's dream release date

“Stop looking at me like that.”
“Like what?”
“Like you’re hunting me. I’m not an antelope.”             -Tiger’s Curse

Tiger's Curse Series quote. This made me so happy when Ren said this to Kells. He's perfect. Image result for tiger's curse colleen houck

For more information on Colleen Houck and her books visit her website





Reawakened by Colleen Houck

Reawakened is an awe inspiring tale of a normal girl who meets an Egyptian prince reincarnate.  He is on a mission to unite with his brothers and stop Seth, an evil god, from taking over the world.  Lilliana, the girl, aids the sun prince, Amon, in his journey as they travel half way around the world to stop what shouldn’t even be possible.


A third book in the Reawakened series will soon be arriving.


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