Sharing Saturday Thirty-Two

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Sharing Saturday is once again upon our doorstep.  Today I was looking back upon my old posts and seeing how my posts have changed since the beginning.  I look at what I have added and what I have dropped in my posts.  Blogging is a continual experiment.  An experiment to find what works, what is fun, what doesn’t work, and what people want to read.

Image result for i have changed gifFor me personally, I noticed a major growth in the length of my posts.  Looking at my first post I wonder what I was thinking when I wrote it for it is two measly paragraphs stating that I liked the book and what it was about.  Beyond that, for the first four or so months of my blogging journey all, I would write were book reviews.  No tags and no personality to really show what my blog was all about.  I also seemed to neglect the writing portion of my blog which is part of the reason I started Sharing Saturdays.  Furthermore, I posted irregularly for the longest time and it is only recently that I have really started to post at evenly spaced intervals.

So, what am I sharing today?  My blogging story?  No, I am going to show you a comparison of my first book review and the one I just recently posted.

Measurement First Book Review (An Ember in the Ashes) Most Recent Book Review (The Robber Bride) Difference
Total Words 112 words 390 278 words
Number of Images 1 image 2 images 1 image
Words spent on personal opinion 45 words 287 words 242 words
Words spent on explaining what the book is about 67 words 103 words 36 words
Number of Paragraphs 2 paragraphs 4 paragraphs 2 paragraphs

I notice the changes that I have wrought since I started this blog slightly over a year ago.  I know that my blog will change as I change and I am excited to see how my blog grows and changes.

Please leave a comment below on what you have changed about your blog through the months or years.

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