Sharing Saturday Forty-Seven

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I am so excited for today’s post since I am a logophile.  I will once again be sharing new and exciting words that I have found in my travels throughout the bookish world.  I previously posted five fun words on Sharing Saturday Thirty-Seven and I decided that I had to do it more often.  Curiously enough it is exactly ten weeks later that I decided to do it again.  Without further ado… here are five unique words!

Farouche – sullen or shy in company (adjective)

Ataraxia – a state of serene calmness (noun)

lacuna – an unfilled space or gap, a missing portion in a book or manuscript, a cavity or depression especially in bone (noun)

Anthropophobia – fear of people and society (noun)

Echt – authentic and typical (adjective)


Sharing Saturday Thirty-Eight

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As an avid reader, I am constantly stumbling upon new words.  I love finding them.  It expands my vocabulary not to mention the fact that some words are just weird and entertaining.  So, today I thought I would share with you five interesting words that I have found and written down.  Let’s get started!

Hoi Polloi – the masses the common people (noun)

Onus – used to refer to one’s duty or responsibility (noun)

Sequacious – (of a person) lacking independence or originality of thought (adjective)

Jejune – 1. naive, simplistic, superficial

2.(of ideas or writings) dry and uninteresting (adjective)

Hiraeth – a deep longing for home (noun)

Comment down below on which word is your favorite!





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