Sharing Saturday Fifty-Three

Sharing Saturday is here and today I have decided to share with you a short story that I recently read and would recommend to all of you.  This short story is generally believed to be an allegorical expression for a problem that is unsolvable.  The Lady, or the Tiger? by Frank R. Stockton was an intriguing story that I would simply suggest all read.  Below is the first paragraph of this four-page story.

In the very olden time there lived a semi-barbaric king, whose ideas, though somewhat polished and sharpened by the progressiveness of distant Latin neighbors, were still large, florid, and untrammeled, as became the half of him which was barbaric. He was a man of exuberant fancy, and, withal, of an authority so irresistible that, at his will, he turned his varied fancies into facts. He was greatly given to self-communing, and, when he and himself agreed upon anything, the thing was done. When every member of his domestic and political systems moved smoothly in its appointed course, his nature was
bland and genial; but, whenever there was a little hitch, and some of his orbs got out of their orbits, he was blander and more genial still, for nothing pleased him so much as to make the crooked straight and crush down uneven places.


Sharing Saturday Twenty-Two

The weeks are simply flying and Saturday is here again.  Today’s post will be more on the creative side instead of research based.  It is a less than three hundred word story telling of a girl who does not know who she is until she meets an evil creature bent on destroying her.  It is called Imaginings.  Let’s get started!

A storm filled the sky, lashing out at the cold, brittle branches of winter.  I huddled by the fire’s dancing flames, praying for an answer to who I was. My fire died, and I was left in a sea of utter loneliness.  I fumbled to restart it when a cold, wet thing slithered around my neck. I tried to scream but was silenced by the creature at my back. A slippery voice hissed in my ear, “At last, my child, you have arrived.  The one destined to fill all of my dreams. To provide the life that is slowly leaking from me.” I stilled, scared but curious Did this creature have information regarding who I was? “You,” the creature continued, “the child who was prophesied to fall from the sky to save this Earth.  Fie! I will have you and your power to myself. I will take it and live beyond the time that this world has ordained. Now, come my pet to the Sacred Lake of Imaginings to begin the transference of your life to mine. I have prepared for this for a long time and at last it is coming to fruition.”  His voice cackled, reaching a pitch that forced me to cover my ears. He lifted me up. I screamed, suspended upside down just inches off the ground. He crawled through the woods, expertly avoiding the branches that grasped at us like papery fingers praying for life. Soon we reached a clearing where a lake lay silently reflecting the moonlight.  I was in the air…falling, falling and hitting the water with a spontaneous splash. I struggled to stay afloat, but the water washed over me, dragging me down to the disastrous depths. As darkness enveloped me, the creature howled in laughter.